Thursday, 1 September 2011

"An Unpleasant Facebook Experience"

                I never had this craze of being part of an online social group. Facebook being one of them. When I was in college we were a group of 7 close friends. From which 6 of my friends had made their account on Facebook,  with the exception of me. :-) They all would literally pester me to join them, but I had no interest neither the intention to do so. Later I stepped into University life, here to I experienced the same here. Every second person around the block I saw would speak about Facebook. From an online Social Community, it became a personal off-line gossip group. Even in the lecture hall any spare second an individual would get, Facebook was one word that was always uttered from their mouth. At last on March 31st 2011 a very close friend dropped by at my place after University. She was from the same group I had in college. She urged me to join Facebook. She said, "Come on NAT how much more long will you take to be with us?, it is fun trust me" This one line that she spoke made me think "How bad could it be?, They is no harm in trying". She made my account herself within a split second, and before you knew it I was a member and I became addicted to. I made a lot of friends from school, college and university. All my friends who I had no contact with I found all of them on Facebook.
               The worse fear I had after joining came true. Whenever I would switch on the computer for and Assignment, my first pid stop would always be at Facebook. And time wold just fly by and all my assignments would be left pending I would just procrastinate my work, just because I would spend time I should say waste my precious time on Facebook. It was fun no doubt but nothing that could not be lived without, from the time I joined Facebook whenever I would switch on the computer Face book would be my oxygen for me. I blame myself for that. For not having self-control. One fine day I received this strange message full of compliments and love lines. It was a pretty long message, I did not know that this person saw me some place at a wedding which I do not even remember. Ever since I use to receive weird messages actually complimenting me on my D.P, I felt weird because they were from strangers. After this incident I felt a certain discomfort after receiving such messages as though someone was invading my privacy. I could no longer continue my journey on Facebook and decided to deactivate my account from Facebook. As they say to nip it i the bud, and I did the same, since avoiding or ignoring such filth was not helping i decided to Deactivate my account now before it becomes too late. I put into action the decision I made. Ever since I feel relieved. And to this day I do not regret my decision.