Thursday, 1 September 2011

"An Unpleasant Facebook Experience"

                I never had this craze of being part of an online social group. Facebook being one of them. When I was in college we were a group of 7 close friends. From which 6 of my friends had made their account on Facebook,  with the exception of me. :-) They all would literally pester me to join them, but I had no interest neither the intention to do so. Later I stepped into University life, here to I experienced the same here. Every second person around the block I saw would speak about Facebook. From an online Social Community, it became a personal off-line gossip group. Even in the lecture hall any spare second an individual would get, Facebook was one word that was always uttered from their mouth. At last on March 31st 2011 a very close friend dropped by at my place after University. She was from the same group I had in college. She urged me to join Facebook. She said, "Come on NAT how much more long will you take to be with us?, it is fun trust me" This one line that she spoke made me think "How bad could it be?, They is no harm in trying". She made my account herself within a split second, and before you knew it I was a member and I became addicted to. I made a lot of friends from school, college and university. All my friends who I had no contact with I found all of them on Facebook.
               The worse fear I had after joining came true. Whenever I would switch on the computer for and Assignment, my first pid stop would always be at Facebook. And time wold just fly by and all my assignments would be left pending I would just procrastinate my work, just because I would spend time I should say waste my precious time on Facebook. It was fun no doubt but nothing that could not be lived without, from the time I joined Facebook whenever I would switch on the computer Face book would be my oxygen for me. I blame myself for that. For not having self-control. One fine day I received this strange message full of compliments and love lines. It was a pretty long message, I did not know that this person saw me some place at a wedding which I do not even remember. Ever since I use to receive weird messages actually complimenting me on my D.P, I felt weird because they were from strangers. After this incident I felt a certain discomfort after receiving such messages as though someone was invading my privacy. I could no longer continue my journey on Facebook and decided to deactivate my account from Facebook. As they say to nip it i the bud, and I did the same, since avoiding or ignoring such filth was not helping i decided to Deactivate my account now before it becomes too late. I put into action the decision I made. Ever since I feel relieved. And to this day I do not regret my decision. 

Friday, 26 August 2011

To What Extent Should Pakistani Parents Interfere In the Life of The Teenager?

        Most Pakistani teenagers are better than the western teenagers. Therefore, fear of drugs or any such filth is not found among them. However, Pakistani teenagers often intend to go off track especially at this crucial stage for two major reasons: Firstly abundance of freedom and secondly no accountability/ discipline of action.
This is where the parents come in... they need to keep a close watch on they kid, as to what he/she is doing. Keep a know-how on their friends circle. 
        Whenever they are permitted to go out for some occasion with friends to keep a "cirfue time". Not to restrict them, which will lead them to frustration instead set certain ground rules. Where both are mutually content with it and with both parties consent. And if broken for some unreasonable reason, to take action but not to treat them as prisoners instead as friends.
        This should not be the case in the relationship of a parent and a child they should talk to their parents in any and every situation. 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Can "True Love" Be Found Online???

              "True love" is something that cannot be found easily, at least not these days. In my dictionary "True love" is a connection between two hearts. Such a feeling in my opinion only takes place, when two people in person spend some quality time together. Where they not only share their thoughts and feelings, but also enjoy each others company. As the saying goes, " Marriages are made in Heaven." I also believe in this. If two people are meant to be together, surely no one in the world could separate them.
                However, people of this world have made this a joke. They have started various agencies and marriage bureau's and have created online sites as well, where the youngsters of today can find their "True Love". But many a times these kinds of strategies are a flop. It not only spoils families but also the lives of two individuals. "Online" I feel things are unknown, perhaps one party is serious but the other may not be as much, this causes a lot of emotional damage in the life of the individual, because the entire truth is not mentioned online.10 - 20% in todays time maybe the success ratio of such relationships. I therefore feel that such relationships cannot be found online because they is always a fear of betrayal.
"The best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other."

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Should Fiza Live Up to Her Dream???

              My teacher in the university narrated a true story to us about a young 17 year girl named Fiza.I would like to share her life experience with you readers. Her experience in life made me realize the blessings of my life, the opportunity that life offers me, to fulfill my dreams unlike many others around me. Yes "DREAMS" it is perhaps a small word but has vital importance in each one's life as if an individual's life depended on it. It did in Fiza's life and dreams have a great impact in my life too. 
Often for some reason fate does not permit us to fulfill our dream either in the shape of family, friends, lack of motivation and encouragement, being laughed at when unable to complete a task the first time or at times just appearance that becomes an obstruction between your dreams and you.How true is this many of us face this fact knowing or unknowinly in our daily life???  Isn't it???. 
        Here it begins... Fiza's mother is a cook, and her father a carpenter. His work isn't a very reliable one, whenever he is called he sets off to work. Her elder brother is studying in second year from a government college and works as a part time “Mechanic” as well, in the evenings. Due to shortage of money, the family often faces crisis and is mostly indulged in some argument or the other. Fiza is studying in first year. Apart from her studies she is immensely inspired by television artist and models as well. While she watches them act on television, her passion for acting and modeling arises. Since her own life lacks excitment according to her, she finds escape from her life in television. She now plans her future in the flim industry or even as a television anchor.
        “It is wonderful and an easy way to make  money“   she says....  All she has to do is give a few auditions and she will soon become a T.V star. Her parents are very worried about her. They realize that their immaturte, foolish girl is about to embark on a journey she is not equipped for. She is short in height, dark complexioned, ungroomed, a far cry from the glamorous girls who are from the industry.  She is unwilling to listen to any attempts to dissuade her. She thinks that she has great talent, waiting for discovery. J Here’s where I come in... I was asked to give her parents my piece of advice... This is what i told them and would like to shre it with you as well.
         “I believe that every individual has the freedom to dream, and to live up to that dream. Fiza is in her first year, which means she has the decerment power to chose between right and wrong for herself. Her thoughts for her family show her sense of responsibility towards them. If colour and height mattered, I doubt we would have any actor in the flim industry. Lets take the Indian flim industry for instance “Rani Mukerjee” is short in height yet has managed to pull a few strings and is auccessful so why not Fiza??? Being the 21st century makeup covers up every thing from a mole to a pimple. Well, my advice to you is that, give her try so that they is no room for regret. But on the contrary she is a little young and will require your guidance. Once she experiences this audition she will learn her destiny, at least she will not curse her parents at the end ot the day. Who knows her dreams might just come true.... And if for some reason she does not get through she can continue herself to her studies again.
         A teenagers mind is always at play, so until she will not get permission to audition, I believe she will develop resentment in her heart. I think regardless of her reality she should be given a chance to prove herself and her capabilities at least once. And why should we predict the future from now only and ruin the present??? “
            "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined."
"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
Mark Twain