Friday, 26 August 2011

To What Extent Should Pakistani Parents Interfere In the Life of The Teenager?

        Most Pakistani teenagers are better than the western teenagers. Therefore, fear of drugs or any such filth is not found among them. However, Pakistani teenagers often intend to go off track especially at this crucial stage for two major reasons: Firstly abundance of freedom and secondly no accountability/ discipline of action.
This is where the parents come in... they need to keep a close watch on they kid, as to what he/she is doing. Keep a know-how on their friends circle. 
        Whenever they are permitted to go out for some occasion with friends to keep a "cirfue time". Not to restrict them, which will lead them to frustration instead set certain ground rules. Where both are mutually content with it and with both parties consent. And if broken for some unreasonable reason, to take action but not to treat them as prisoners instead as friends.
        This should not be the case in the relationship of a parent and a child they should talk to their parents in any and every situation. 


  1. I put a question to you. Do you talk to them about everything?

    Parents are of course a blessing. But, as you said ground rules should be set, that's cool. However, to much interference or their indulgence in every topic of their child's life will only create a menace for the youth. Because this generation is to be left FREE... There comes a level/sense of realization - when this youth understands his parent's sentiments.

    I really liked the "GROUND RULES" definition. Concise and precise.

  2. Well, candidly speaking I do not talk to them about everything. But that certainly does not mean that, they do not know the happenings that take place in my daily life.... Remember after all they are parents, they just get to know everything it's like they got a "Globe" :-) with them to see to us. It is true too much interference of parents, could put the individual in a crisis. This brings me back to my point they should be "ground rules" it's really sad, that the term "ground rules" is not familiar to the parents of todays world, and is neither practiced in our society. Therefore not only the youth but also the parents often face problems, in understanding each other.