Thursday, 25 August 2011

Can "True Love" Be Found Online???

              "True love" is something that cannot be found easily, at least not these days. In my dictionary "True love" is a connection between two hearts. Such a feeling in my opinion only takes place, when two people in person spend some quality time together. Where they not only share their thoughts and feelings, but also enjoy each others company. As the saying goes, " Marriages are made in Heaven." I also believe in this. If two people are meant to be together, surely no one in the world could separate them.
                However, people of this world have made this a joke. They have started various agencies and marriage bureau's and have created online sites as well, where the youngsters of today can find their "True Love". But many a times these kinds of strategies are a flop. It not only spoils families but also the lives of two individuals. "Online" I feel things are unknown, perhaps one party is serious but the other may not be as much, this causes a lot of emotional damage in the life of the individual, because the entire truth is not mentioned online.10 - 20% in todays time maybe the success ratio of such relationships. I therefore feel that such relationships cannot be found online because they is always a fear of betrayal.
"The best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other."


  1. I believe in finding love oneself, in other words; "online search" is useless because the heart and need of men is always for the best. Upon seeing the poster of the opposing gender with whom you have been involved for such a long time; you tend to step back just because of physical appearance. Which in my case is very disappointing... I have done it in a friendship years back!

    Not recently when I caught myself from falling, I realized "True Love" is something which happens to you automatically. The liking for the person you are attracted to develops in its own time.

    May it be online or in person, Love should be unconditional which I see is never. It has always shown 2 people in constant arguments/disagreements where one tries to convince the other. Love should be more of an understanding between the two...

  2. Love is love, it has no limits. There is no untrue or dislikings included, it accepts the other as the person is, and if this measure equal to both parties, then its true love. No matter what the world says, it has no effect on them, the love birds are in their dream world away from the troubles and comments of a third person and this trust between them proves to be the true love and its really possible coz they are the example and blessing of God by which many are bound to change themselves from their crooked ways and convert to this unconditional love which is priceless as it comes from within the heart, where the mind also stops working, only the heart rules with authority in this case of love. I would advise all who are really true lovers, to be very careful in this case, because hearts are brittle once broken cannot be mended again.

  3. Love is a sensitive momentum of life. It is like a flower if not natured and taken care of it will die. Similarly "online love" is like a myth, like the two of you said, there is only disappointment at the end of the day.